Copyright and Copyright Clearance Center

The Copyright Revision Act (PL 94-553), which became effective January 1, 1978, states that the copyright of a work is vested in the author from the moment of creation. Therefore, all authors who wish to publish in STM must formally transfer copyright to the proprietor of the journal. It is understood by this transfer that the authors relinquish all exclusive rights of copyright ownership, including the rights of reproduction, derivation, distribution, sale and display.
Authors who prepared their article as a part of their official duties as employees of the U.S. Federal Government are not required to transfer copyright to STM, since these articles are considered to be in the public domain. However, it is necessary for these authors to sign the appropriate section of the transfer form. In the case of articles supported by federal grants of contracts, copyright transfer to STM is required. The federal government may retain a nonexclusive license to publish or republish such material.

All submissions must be accompanied by a completed copyright transfer form. Email completed form(s) to STM,

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Authors have the opportunity to order reprints of their articles prior to publication. Authors should refer to their article proof package for ordering instructions or contact the STM at